Chutzpah by definition is the audacity to do or say something which may be shocking to others.chutzpah


Attention Writers: Posture PSA

No wonder..

Live to Write - Write to Live

If you’re a keyboard jockey like me, you know about the neck, back, and wrist pain that can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Too many hours contorted by a less-than-ergonomically-ideal set-up can leave you writhing in pain and cursing the gods for making you want to write at all. Ever.

That’s why I just had to share this awesome little video that I discovered on Facebook via writer and creative coach Sharon Abra Hanen. Sharon is a delightful woman whom I met at a Grub Street class a year or two ago. I’m pretty sure she loves writers as much as she loves writing (hence the coaching part of her business). Plus, she has an entire page on her website dedicated to “chocolate!” … so I pretty much think she’s brilliant and take anything she shares as gospel.

Here’s the video:

I guess sometimes a picture…

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Romantic dude got some strangers to greet his girlfriend a happy birthday.

Mario_Garza__3102405cLooks like someone’s scored himself some serious hoops. Filmmaker Mario Garza, who by the way just moved to Portland,Oregon with his girlfriend, stood by the street holding up his sign.

He then asked random people to say ‘happy birthday Sarah’ on camera.

His viral video then reached a thousand hits on YouTube and many more people greeted Sarah on her Facebook page.